Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Physical and Mental Centering.

Greetings, Salam and rahayu,

"People need to learn how to relax under pressure. The first step to being able to achieve this is to learn how to relax in the first place".
- Ken Kesslin, Leadership Coach.

Physical and Mental Centering.
To understand the power of centering yourself, try these two exercise:

Seated Centering Exercise:

Take a deep breath and set your feet firmly on the floor. Set the book down in front of you and put your hands on your knees. Feel the center of gravity in your body, and imagine a cord that grounds your feet into the earth and pulls your head up straight into the sky. From this position, imagine remaining flexible and loose, like a tree that can bend and blow in the wind but never loses its roots. From this centered position, calm your mind by taking another deep breath. This is similar to meditation, but is focused on physically grounding you to the earth, and on making your body as stable and balanced as possible, all while remaining relaxed.

Standing Centering Exercise:
Take a deep breath and stand straight. Plant your feet firmly on the floor and spread them apart the width of your hips. Shift your weight around, loosen up your muscles and your mind, shake out your arms, relax, and find a comfortable standing position - a power position that reflects you at your most confident. Cultivate your most authoritative, comfortable pose and center yourself in it. Memorize it. Notice the position of your arms, how you are holding your neck, shoulders, and head. Are you loose and flexible? Good. Take another deep breath.

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